Formatting Points

This is all really just common sense.  But, for the record:

Some Do‘s:

  • Do use a font somewhere between 10 point and 12 point;
  • Do use a clear font like Helvetica or Garamond;
  • Do make use of formatting, with the dates inset to the left, and judicious use of Bold, Italics and Capitals to make the key facts stand out;
  • Do put your Name and contact details on every page in the header (in case pages get seperated from each other);
  • Do put the page number in “Page x of y” format in the footer of each page;
  • Do list Education and Employment History in reverse order (ie: the most recent date first).

Some Don’ts:

  •  It shouldn’t need to be said, but spell check everything.  Read it. Re-read it. Get two of your friends to check it for spelling errors.  Any spelling erros that get through the net will be the kiss of death to your appilcation (see how irritating they can be?!);
  • Don’t use fonts less than 10 point or more than 12 point (other than for your name, which can be slightly larger than the rest);
  • Don’t use any gimmics like fancy paper or parchment, or unusual highlighting effects;
  • Don’t be tempted to include a photo image of yourself.  Brilliant CV tested this and the verdict is that it won’t help your application but may well hinder it. So just leave it off.
  • Do not use abbreviations like don’t;
  • Don’t use slang – it sucks! – or exclamation marks!!!
  • Try not to use hyperbole (ie:  very, extremely, superbly, exceptionally, over-used by most people).

Some other Thoughts:

  • If you are a LinkedIn user (which you should be), then you really ought to take the same care to create your profile there that are you are taking with your CV;
  • LinkedIn and Facebook will often be the first thing potential employers see about you – so make sure you manage content and privacy settings on those with this in mind;
  • LinkedIn allows you to upload a CV or Presentation, which you might as well do, in addition to creating a Profile.

2 thoughts on “Formatting Points

  1. Jonathan Dutton

    All excellent points! Might be worth including an example of a “best in class” CV which encompasses all the points made in the CV section.


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