The Basics

Most people, when looking for a job, focus disproportionately on crafting their CV, and not enough on more value-added activities like writing a Covering Letter or researching the companies they are going to apply to.

They also place far too much reliance on one or two methods of finding a job – usually relying mainly on adverts and a small number of headhunters.  In fact, they place far too much reliance on headhunters full stop.

So, under this menu, I have covered the basics of writing a CV and how to manage headhunters.  But, ideally, you should at least also try to read the more value-added activities I have put under the Advanced menu.

But the real way to look for a job is under Va va Voom.  This is the key to finding a job.  But it’s quite hard work, so nine out of ten people to whom I describe this method will simply ignore it and stick to the lower-effort same old, same old.  In fact, this is the key reason I decided to write this blog.  I just got bored of being asked to give job advice to friends of friends and family members looking for jobs, meeting them for up to two hours to explain how to do so, only for 90 percent of them to ignore everything I said because it was all too much effort.

Anyway, you have to start somewhere, so you can you can cover the basics by clicking on The Perfect CV

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