This web site is intended as a free resource for people looking for a job.

Trying to find a job is, for many people, a scary business.   Job Hunting skills are not usually taught at school or university.  Careers offices simply don’t have the resources or, often, the experience to teach them adequately.

But, these days, jobs for life are practically unheard of.   The chances are that most people will change  jobs several times – voluntarily and involuntarily – during their career.  So knowing how to find a new one is particularly crucial to modern life.

I often find that people highly skilled in their chosen professions are  baffled by how to find a job.   Clueless; drifting from one job to the next based on the luck of the draw, or the simple expedience of taking the first job they are offered, or allowing some headhunter they hardly know to set the agenda, rather than systematically setting out to find something they have any passion for.

Many people are terrified of losing their jobs for this reason – preferring to hang on to an unfulfilling and boring job than risk the horror of unemployment and having to look for a new job.

The good news is that I believe that Job Hunting is a skill that can easily be learned.

So my aim has been to pull together all the job hunting techniques that I have learned from personal experience as well as all the books I have read on the subject over the years.

This is a work in progress and, of course, based on my personal opinion.   If you have found this site useful, please let me know. And I would also be grateful for any comments or suggestions for new topics or improvements.

The contents of the blog remains copyright to The Headhunter and may not be reproduced without his permission (which he will probably be happy to give if you ask).

(Here is a link I had to add to submit this site to the wwwi directory:
UK Driving Schools)

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