How to Find a Job!

This web site is for anyone who is unemployed and wants to find a job.  Or anyone who is in a job they don’t like simply because they don’t know how to find a better one.

It’s probably more for business people than for creative or artistic people as these lucky people are less likely to be employed in ‘jobs’; or, if they are, their portfolios or body of work speak for themselves in a way that a simple CV or job interview could never hope to emulate.

I have laid out the basic structure of this web site.  For the time being most of the pages are empty – that’s because I will be writing them over the next few months.  So please bear with me while I populate the content.

If you have any feedback on the pages I have already written, please leave a comment.

1 thought on “How to Find a Job!

  1. Elizabeth Rosier

    Great site with some useful and interesting advice. Will definitely be reviewing and amending the way I have been job hunting as a result. Thank you. Will be sharing this with others.


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